Framing your growth and promotions conversations

When considering promotions or career advancements (e.g. taking on a bigger role), I consider a few dimensions to evaluate for readiness (growth or promotion). What’s important to note is that EVERY promotion and growth case is unique. People are unique. What that means is people leaders must apply judgement in each case. That judgement comes with experience and that experience comes with time.

Time in role

The industry average is approximately 2–4 years in a role or level prior to considering growth or promotion opportunities.

Experience with time in role

There is no compression algorithm for experience.

Experience matters. Experience comes with taking on more complex problems over time. This process gives exposure to growth areas for all levels of leaders and opportunities to learn about new tools and develop new skills.

Often experience comes w/ time in role but experience can come with exposure to a wide variety of challenges at once (like those that we face in start up, scale up, or hyper growth environments).

Results and consistency

Delivering results consistently and with high quality takes time which also allows for leaders to hone their skills. This means that these three dimensions support each other.




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